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The Marauder's Big Bang Fanfiction Challenge
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The Marauder's Big Bang Challenge

Authors: write at least 20,000 words of Marauder-centric (plus Lily & Severus) fanfiction in less than four months!
Artists: create illustrations, graphics, vids, or fanmixes/soundtracks to compliment the stories!
Everyone: have fun, support each other, and create an archive of epic Marauder-centric fanworks!

If you need to get in contact the mods, please send an email to marauder.mods@gmail.com!

The rules and formatting of the community were borrowed from Hermione Big Bang and Twilight Big Bang! Some other Big Bang Challenges you might be interested in are the Big Bang Blackout, the Draco Big Bang, the Severus Big Bang, the Ginny Big Bang, the Supernatural and J-Squared Big Bang, the Heroes Big Boom, the Smallville Big Bang, and the Gossip Girl Big Bang: XO XO. Other affiliates can be found here.

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