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Pimping, Posting, and Other Fun Stuff

Posting begins tomorrow!
Posting begins tomorrow!
Posting begins tomorrow!

Are you excited, yet? We certainly are! However, before we begin there are a few, small things to discuss - all of them good, mind you.

First, a reminder that all posting will be accessed through the [info]marauderbigbang  site with the actual reading taking place on DreamWidth. When you pimp (or rec) any story or artwork, please link it there. (After the conclusion of the fest, you are, of course, free to repost anywhere, but for now please leave it all in one place.)

But, speaking of pimping, we are planning to pimp each story to as many applicable communities as possible. This includes, but is not limited to: [info]marauders_slash[info]packmates, [info]lilyandjames, [info]remus_centric, [info]remusxsirius, [info]lupin_snape, [info]sirius_black , [info]sirius_centric, [info]black_family, [info]prof_snape, [info]genfic_hogwarts, [info]snapedom, etc.  Obviously, with the exception of the first two, not all will be applicable to every story, but if you have other suggestions, please feel free to give them. We will also try to send notices out to newsletter-style communities like the rs_prophet  and others. Again, if you are familiar with such communities (or even mod them yourself), please let us know. ****

And, please feel free to pimp and rec on your own journal, too. However, if you do choose to do that, please let us know (via a response to this post) or an email, as we will be collecting recs for the daily_snitch . According to their rules, you cannot rec your own work, but you can rec the work of others. If a story or artwork gets three recommendations anywhere, the daily_snitch  will rec it, too.

And, speaking of pimping...
The Marauder Big Bang Promotional MaterialsCollapse )

Oh, and I bet you're all wondering about posting order... Well, you'll have to just wait and see. We wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, would we?

**** This mod confesses to not knowing enough about Snape-related sites, but it totally willing to learn.



Hello, all,

Well, we are off and running. The artists are choosing their stories, the authors are polishing up their fics, and the mods are getting more excited by the moment.

Artists, if you have not joined the artists’ community, please do so. You should have an invitation in the “My Invites” section of the “Communities” tab, or you can go straight HERE and request membership manually. Either way, your first activity is to select your top choices for stories you’d love to illustrate. We need to have those choices in by 11:59PM on Sunday, August 1st, so please choose thoughtfully but quickly.

Authors, thank you all for submitting your drafts. We will need to send out workable rough drafts for the artists, so please submit an artist-ready draft to us by August 2nd. This does necessarily need to be your perfectly edited final draft – typos and such can be taken care of later – but it does need to have all pertinent scenes and visual cues intact so the artist can get to work.

Thanks and have fun!



I don't think I could
more apologetic toward this community right now and I want to explain the total abandonment that occurred over the last couple of weeks.

I think I mentioned once that I was having troubles with my computer and then it crashed. Completely crashed. Crashed as in I had no access to anything on my computer, because the monitor stopped working. So, I've been using my dad's computer, but I was having problems with downloading your fics and getting them out to beta readers. Gmail was being a pain in the rear. It was just a mess. Not to mention, I was only on the actual computer for a short period of time throughout the day and then I had to use my phone to access the internet.

Yesterday, my new laptop finally came and I have unlimited access to you guys now. Seriously,
should go wrong between now and the time when we start posting the fics. Just give me a few days to get situated and we'll be back on track. I'll send the fics out to readers and send an email to my co-mod about artist assignments.

I appreciate your patience, I really do! I'm sorry that the timeline is going to be a little off now. I'll update it with the new information, so you'll know when to expect your fic to be posted in the community. Thank you so much for being a great bunch of awesome people. Expect to hear from me again soon! :D



Alright, all the fics are in (except for one or two that have an extension). I've been having some problems with gmail, so I haven't sent out the fics to the readers yet. But I'll have that done by the end of the weekend and then I'll update the timeline to reflect all of the changes.

Thanks for being patient and thank you to the writers that have submitted their fics, and the betas and artists that have signed up so far! You guys rock. :D And a round of applause for our cheerleaders, too! Thanks for everything. *cheers*


rough draft deadline!

Alright, fics were due tonight (June 13th) by midnight (PST), but I forgot to make a post yesterday reminding you guys. That's completely my bad. :/ So, I'm giving everyone until tomorrow night (June 14th) by midnight (PST). Absolutely last final time for turning fics in unless you've talked to me about getting an extension already.

I'll make some adjustments to the timeline over the next few days, too. I'm thinking about giving some more time to the readers to read through the fics and make sure they fit the basic criteria. Plus, that gives me more time to recruit artists, too.

I'll be back with another update in the next day or two! :)

Update: So far, we have 5 fics sent in with 1 more on the way. Keep submitting!


EVERYONE needs to read this, please! :)

Artists: We need artists. Badly. I’ll be contacting other big bangs and fic challenges to see if I can make a post asking artists to sign up! If you’ve been thinking about signing up, now’s your chance! We’d be so happy to have you! Just fill out this form here in a comment. :D

Betas: We need betas, too! Authors, we’re asking that you try to find a beta on your own and if you can’t we’ll provide you with one. We just have so few and we’re not really sure how many authors are going to be in the final phase of the challenge. But if you’d like to sign up as a beta, just click here and fill out the form in a comment!

Readers: We need readers! Readers are volunteers who will help the mods read over the rough drafts between June 13th and June 20th. Your job is not to correct any errors, but just to make sure that the author met all of the basic requirements (which can be found in the rules --- proper rating, focus on one or more of the Marauders, word count, etc). If you’d like to do that, just leave a comment on this post with your name/username, email, and details on what you’re NOT willing to read (ratings, kinks, and characters/pairings you will absolutely not read). Comments are screened!

official author sign-ups!

This is the first of two posts going up today! All of the details you need to officially sign-up (aka, turning in your rough draft!) can be found in this post. Remember that you have to turn in your rough draft sometime between today and June 13th at midnight (PST). We’ve only received one submission so far and we’re looking forward to more! If your fic is going to be late, tell us now so we can work something out.

1. Make sure that your rough draft meets all of the requirements. Check that the appropriate characters are the focus of your fic, use the proper rating for the subject matter you included in your fic, and triple check the word count! (It needs to be at least 20,000 words!) Basically, just review all of the rules and the author section of the FAQ. Remember that your fic doesn’t need to be beta-read yet. It just needs to be complete enough for us to read (aka, it has a beginning, middle, and end).

2. Once your ready to submit your fic, you need to send it to the community's email, which is marauder.mods@gmail.com. Take a look at this question in FAQ: Tell me how I should format this darn thing, so I can send it in! It will provide you with all of the details you need to know to send your fic to us.

3. Please include your fic’s header in the document and in the body of the email. For the header, something like this would be great:

4. After you’ve sent the email, please leave a comment with the following information. (I know it seems a little redundant, but it helps us keep track of submissions.)

Comments are screened! And if I’m forgetting anything or you have you any questions, let me know! :)


Hey ya'll! Long time no update, huh? I'm really sorry about that. My computer has been giving me trouble and the monitor finally went out on it last week. And both of your mods have been extremely busy finishing up the school year, so that's been keeping our minds occupied and away from the challenge, too. But I promise we're still here and prepapred to keep the challenge moving.

I hope you haven't given up on us completely and that you're still working hard on those fics. ;) Only about a week left until the preliminary phase is over. Technically, you don't have to be finished with the rough draft of your fic until June 13th by midnight (PST). That's when the official sign-ups close.

Artists, I hope you're telling your friends about us! We've only got 8 artists right now. I'm pretty sure that won't be enough, but we won't know for sure until everyone official signs up for the second phase of the challenge.

We're in need of betas, too! Only 14 betas signed up and, like the artists, I'm pretty certain we'll need more.

So, please pimp this to your friends and see if anyone's interested in helping out! :D I'll post a reminder on June 5th about the preliminary phase ending on June 6th and the official sign-ups will start for authors and artists on June 6th (in the evening). Have fun cramming to get those last few thousand words written! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me, my fellow mod


We had some problem with our email last night and the cheerleader emails did not get sent out like we said, but they will be coming your way this afternoon, I promise! Just sit tight and feel free to PM me or moonstruck_t, or comment on the previous post, if you don't receive your assignment by this evening (5PM PST).


We apologize for getting these out so late! I was not using LJ for a little bit and the other mod had forgotten the password for the mod account, so we were a bit MIA. Cheerleaders, moonstruck_t is writing up the emails for the assignments and you should have them in your inbox within the next 10 minutes or so! If you don't receive your assignment, leave a comment here and we'll reply to a copy of the email we sent you. Also, we are in need of cheerleaders for two more authors if anyone is interested in taking them on! :D

Now, onto the real reason for me posting! Big Bangs are a lot of work, probably too much for just two mods with responsibilities in real life and at other communities. So, we are looking for a mod to be in charge of the betas and the cheerleaders! You would be the one to reply to them if they're having problems, if they need to stop betaing/cheering a story, etc. If you're interested, just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you in the next couple of days! Feel free to introduce yourself a little bit and let us know what experience you've had modding communities (fic exchanges, or big bang challenges in particular would be great). Your email would also be appreciated if we don't already have it (comments are screened), so that if we have any other questions, we can contact you. :)


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