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Updated: July 16, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010 -- The Marauder Big Bang's Preliminary Sign-Ups Open

This is when we'll open the sign up posts for authors, artists, betas, and cheerleaders. This is just a preliminary sign up, which means you aren't really committing to anything at this time. We hope that if you choose to sign up, that means you plan on participating and finishing your fics on time.

The sign ups are really for us to see how many people are going to be participating and to get an idea of what people are thinking about writing so we'll be able to arrange to have the right amount of artists, betas, cheerleaders ready when the second phase of the challenge begins. You can begin writing your fic anytime after you've signed up. Your writing time will be between this preliminary sign-up and the official sign-up.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 -- Author & Cheerleader Sign-Ups Close, 9PM/PST

The sign-ups for authors & cheerleaders will close on at 9PM on January 31st. We will keep the sign-ups for artists and betas open until the official sign-ups in early June. You should know that can still participate even if you missed the preliminary sign-ups. All you have to do is write your fic, follow the rules, and sign-up officially by June 13th. If you sign-up, you're not under any obligation to actually get a fic written in the first phase or to illustrate a fic during the second phase. If something comes up (school, family, etc) and you can't, we'll completely understand. This is just a preliminary sign-up, but we hope that everyone planning to participate signs up during this phase so we have a general idea of how many fics we'll have in the end. And if you participate in the preliminary sign-up process, you will receive and invite to the author community. What's so special about it, you ask? All the authors and your mods will be helping you through the writing process! There will be activities, workshops, exercises, and more throughout the months you're writing.

Sunday, June 6, 2009 -- Official Sign-Ups Open

For authors, this is when you'll need to send us a complete rough draft of your story. We would also like a short summary of your story, with some information about the pairings, rating, and plot. This is NOT the final due date. We repeat, this is NOT the final due date! You have until August to finish your fic and have it beta-read. However, this is when you will determine whether or not you're going to officially participate. You should be finished/very close to being finished with a very rough draft of your fic at this point.

For traditional artists, this is when we'd like you to sign up again and let us know which pairings and ratings you're willing to illustrate, as well as how many pieces of art you are willing to provide and how many stories you're willing to illustrate. We will then send you a few synopses of the fics that match the information you provided, from which you will tell us which one(s) you'd like to illustrate in order of most to least. We will do our best to match everyone as well as we can, but there is no guarantee that your assignment will be exactly what you asked for. We will, however, try our best to give you an assignment you will be happy with. This is also when you will send us the art that you have created during the rough draft phase if you're participating in that part of the challenge, which we hope you are!

For graphic artists, you'll let us us known how many pieces of art you're willing to provide and any pairings that you refuse to work with. You'll also tell us how many stories you're willing to illustrate.

This is also when we'll close the preliminary artist sign-ups and beta sign-ups. Any authors, artists, and betas that signed up during the preliminary phase will be asked to sign up officially during this period. Everything will be official from this point on. Congratulations for making it this far! Make sure to let the mods know if you're having any trouble, so that we can coach you through whatever problems you're having.

Sunday, June 13, 2010 -- Official Sign-Ups Close

For authors, if you do not formally sign up by this time (which means you providing the mods with a complete rough draft of your fanfiction and a summary of your fic as well as filling out a form in the new post), your fanfiction will be disqualified for accompanying art and beta services. It will not be included in the second phase of the challenge or the masterlist at the end.

For artists, if you do not sign up by this date, you can still fill out a form! You may be able to participate as an artist that fills in if any of the official artists drop out (or we're in need of more artists due to a lack of participation, which will likely be the case - challenges are always short on artists) once the official assignments have been sent out.

Sunday, July 25, 2010 -- Artist Assignments Sent Out

For traditional artists, at this phase, you will receive your official fic assignment. You will need to read the fic you have been assigned to and reply to the mods letting us know what scene(s) you've chosen to illustrate within that first week. Artists who complete their art assignment(s) before the deadline can let the mods know and receive another assignment if they wish.

For graphic artists, you will also receive your assignment(s) at this time. You'll need to reply letting the mods know that you've received and accepted your assignment as well.

Also, sometime during this authors will be notified that their fics have been approved for part two of the challenge. Beta assignments will be given and all of that good stuff. This date isn't set in stone, but I hope that it'll be pretty accurate. :)

Friday, September 10 -- Final Fanfic and Fanart Due by Midnight PST

This is when authors will email us their completed fics and artists will email us their completed art/graphics/etc. We will give details on the format closer to the deadline, although we already have most of the basic details in the FAQ.

Saturday, September 18, 2010 -- Fics Are Starting to be Posted at The Marauder's Big Bang Community

Fics will be posted over the course of a week, starting today. Everyone can start reading, commenting, and flailing over all of the new fic and art!

Saturday, September 25, 2010 -- Masterlist is Posted & the Challenge is Complete

We hope to be finished posting all fics by September 25th! The masterlist will then be posted and the challenge will be complete! Authors and artists will now be allowed to post their fic and art wherever they want. :)
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