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Advanced Potion-Making

Title: Advanced Potion-Making
Author: fire_everything
Beta, cheerleader and all-around facilitator: brighty18
Artists: lilmisblack (banner), niccc (all other art)
Pairing: Snape/Lily
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Authorial presumption, profanity, magical dub-con, mild kink, possibly disturbing reproductive issues/procedures, angst, excessive length
Word Count: Um…shorter than Half-Blood Prince?
Summary: Nineteen-year-old Snape’s post-Hogwarts life is going surprisingly well. He has gainful employment, valued skills, a place of his own, a political affiliation, a mentor he admires, and hard-won freedom from several past relationships that tormented him. But he also has stubbornly lingering feelings for his estranged friend Lily Evans, an unquenchable hatred for her fiancé James Potter, and a continuing compulsion to tamper with and improve perfectly adequate potions recipes. When these three conditions come together one fateful day, Snape undertakes a potions experiment that will irrevocably change several people’s lives for better and worse.
Author’s Note: At one point while reading Deathly Hallows, I actually thought the book was going to end with the twist that serves as this story’s central plot point. When it didn’t, this corrective fic became necessary.
Acknowledgments: Enormous thanks to the Marauder mods, who have dealt kindly and tolerantly with this deadline-flouting, ever-expanding white elephant of a fic from the very beginning. Back in June, fallenmelody allowed me to join the Bang with a draft that was only about 70% complete. More recently, brighty18 took on the mighty task of betaing, with humor, patience, diligence and care, a monstrously long fic centered on a character she doesn’t even particularly dig; then, when the project’s growing scope threatened to make my continued participation impossible, she suggested a constructive compromise in the form of a flexible, add-a-chapter-as-you-finish posting schedule. She deserves extra-special thanks, a nice bottle of wine, and a massage. My two artists, lilmisblack and niccc , were likewise flexible and tolerant of the irregularities of my entry and its modified posting schedule; many thanks to both of you not only for the lovely art you’ve contributed, but for being so cool about everything. Finally, there are several extra-Bang parties whose contributions and assistance I’d like to acknowledge; in the interest of conserving space, those acknowledgments can be found at my journal here. (
Special Note: Due to the unusual length and complexity of this fic, it will be posted in multiple parts. (This initial post, which includes the first four chapters, is already longer than any of the other fic entries in the Bang, so it should keep readers busy for a while.) Subsequent chapters will be posted as they become ready, and will appear as new posts in your friends lists, so that readers who want to continue following the fic as it progresses will be automatically alerted to the appearance of new installments.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all characters, places, objects, ideas, and related material are the property of JK Rowling and her various publishing entities. Neither the author, the artists, nor the marauderbigbang are in any way making a monetary profit from this posting.

This post includes the following chapters:

1: The Owls of October
2: Snape, Suspended
3: The Hearing
4: The Worst Summer

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