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Master List of Stories and Art!

Well, folks, here it is, the Master List for the marauderbigbang . It was a bumpy ride to get here, but we did it and there was some beautiful art and fine stories to show for our efforts. We Mods want to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful artists, authors, betas, cheerleaders, and readers. You all were what made this fest fun!

Stay tuned on this site for updates from at least one of the stories, but, for now, please the following:

Advanced Potion-Making
Author: fire_everything
Beta, cheerleader and all-around facilitator: brighty18
Artists: lilmisblack (banner), niccc (all other art)
Pairing: Snape/Lily
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Authorial presumption, profanity, magical dub-con, mild kink, possibly disturbing reproductive issues/procedures, angst, excessive length
Word Count: Um…shorter than Half-Blood Prince?
Summary: Nineteen-year-old Snape’s post-Hogwarts life is going surprisingly well. He has gainful employment, valued skills, a place of his own, a political affiliation, a mentor he admires, and hard-won freedom from several past relationships that tormented him. But he also has stubbornly lingering feelings for his estranged friend Lily Evans, an unquenchable hatred for her fiancé James Potter, and a continuing compulsion to tamper with and improve perfectly adequate potions recipes. When these three conditions come together one fateful day, Snape undertakes a potions experiment that will irrevocably change several people’s lives for better and worse.
Author’s Note: At one point while reading Deathly Hallows, I actually thought the book was going to end with the twist that serves as this story’s central plot point. When it didn’t, this corrective fic became necessary.
Acknowledgments: Enormous thanks to the Marauder mods, who have dealt kindly and tolerantly with this deadline-flouting, ever-expanding white elephant of a fic from the very beginning. Back in June, fallenmelody allowed me to join the Bang with a draft that was only about 70% complete. More recently, brighty18 took on the mighty task of betaing, with humor, patience, diligence and care, a monstrously long fic centered on a character she doesn’t even particularly dig; then, when the project’s growing scope threatened to make my continued participation impossible, she suggested a constructive compromise in the form of a flexible, add-a-chapter-as-you-finish posting schedule. She deserves extra-special thanks, a nice bottle of wine, and a massage. My two artists, lilmisblack and niccc , were likewise flexible and tolerant of the irregularities of my entry and its modified posting schedule; many thanks to both of you not only for the lovely art you’ve contributed, but for being so cool about everything. Finally, there are several extra-Bang parties whose contributions and assistance I’d like to acknowledge; in the interest of conserving space, those acknowledgments can be found at my journal here. (
Special Note: Due to the unusual length and complexity of this fic, it will be posted in multiple parts. (This initial post, which includes the first four chapters, is already longer than any of the other fic entries in the Bang, so it should keep readers busy for a while.) Subsequent chapters will be posted as they become ready, and will appear as new posts in your friends lists, so that readers who want to continue following the fic as it progresses will be automatically alerted to the appearance of new installments.

Title: Perfect Strangers
Artist: gizenshi and melisus
Pairings: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily
Rating/Warnings: NC17. Sexual situations, language, descriptions of violent acts/deaths
Summary: An anonymous encounter in a nightclub brings Sirius Black and Remus Lupin together in a tangle of sex, lies, and murder.
Word Count: 31000 ish
Notes: Magical AU. Thank you to my beta and inspiration, dogsunderfoot for her help and support, and to brighty18 for going above and beyond the call of duty to get this fest back on track.

Title: Dust
Author: Trinity Day (
trinity )
Artists: melisus  and littlewolfstar 
Pairing(s): None (Alt: Characters: James, Sirius, Peter, Remus)
Rating and Warnings: PG-13 for off-screen death
Summary: James Potter’s second year at Hogwarts is shaping up to be just as great as his first. Sure, his teachers are always at him to pay more attention in class, but at least he has three good mates who know the importance of having a little fun (and causing a little mischief). However, life is not as idyllic in the wizarding world at large and soon whispers and rumours are reaching even the safest corridors of Hogwarts.
Word Count: 21627
Notes: With more thanks than I can properly convey to my betas, V and Zazz.
Title: What We Deserve
Artists: lilmisblack and acanismajoris
Pairing: Severus/Remus
Rating and Warnings: R for sexual scenes and some dark themes
Summary: How many things would you forgive the one you love?
Word Count: ~26,000
Notes: I want to thank forest_rose for being an awesome beta on such short notice. Big thanks also belong to the fabulous ladies of lupin_snape for all the help and encouragement when I needed them most. You rock! A special thanks to snapealina who came to the rescue as I was panicking with the deadline. And of course I have to thank andymort because honestly, this is all your fault, hon.

Title: Full Value of Joy
Author: Di/
Artists: chalada and epithalamium
Pairing(s): James/Lily, eventual Sirius/Remus (also inc. Remus/OC and mentions of Sirius/OCs)
Rating and Warnings: PG-13 for language, off-screen deaths, sexual innuendo, and adult situations
Summary: After personal tragedy strikes, Remus disappears from the lives of his friends for five years. When Sirius finally finds him, Remus is reluctant to re-establish their friendship. Is it because of his unspoken grief—or something else entirely?
Word Count: 38,200 (Give or take a few words)
Notes: A few liberties have been made with the timeline for the Marauders—and the year of Harry’s birth.
Thanks and love to the twin-of-my-soul, remuslives23 for her support and help with this monster.
Also: thanks and adoration to ‘my’ wonderful artists: chalada and epithalamium . Hugs to you both because you’re fabulous!
Thanks, too, to fallenmelody and to brighty18 , the mods. May you each reap the harvests that you have sown!

Title: Short of a Dark Lord
Artists: littlewolfstar , niccc
Pairing/Characters: James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Severus, Regulus, Lucius, Narcissa
Genre: Humor/Action/AU for non-canon student ages.
Ratings and Warnings: PG for Cursing and Violence.
Summary: The school is dressing up for the Hogwarts Halloween party, and Sirius has a great idea on how to pull a frightening prank on his classmates. With the help of James, Remus, and Peter he just might make it happen. Unfortunately, Lucius is planning on proposing to Narcissa at the dance so the Slytherins are on the lookout for potential party crashers. Will the Marauders successfully prank the whole school? Will Lucius successfully propose to Narcissa? Will Severus and Regulus ever get along?
Word Count: 22,081
Notes: Special thanks goes out to mistress_kabuki for being the ever-faithful beta reader. Without her, this piece would never have been so polished. =)

Title: Substitute
Artists: stubbel and tortugax
Pairing(s): Remus/Severus, secondary Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, imagined Lily/Severus.
Rating and Warnings: NC-17, coarse language, slash, angst, mentions of torture, minor character death, a slightly dark!Severus.
Summary: Two men lost in memories they cannot fight find the perfect substitute in each other, but even their solace is tainted.
Word Count:~20,825
Notes: With huge thanks to my betas, S and K -your handholding made my first big bang so much easier!

Title: Wicked: The Life and Times of a Very Unfortunate Sirius Black
Artists: acanismajoris and epithalamium
Pairings: Mostly Sirius/Remus, with a little mutant James/Remus, Peter/Regulus, and unrequited James/Peter thrown in for good measure. But don’t panic, in the end it’s Remus/Sirius and implied James/Lily.
Rating and Warnings: Hard R for sex, drug use references, and lots and lots of intentionally gratuitous swearing
Summary: James makes a cyclone and Sirius gets hit on the head. The rest is but a Baum!Maguireesque dream.
Word Count: About 24,400
Author’s Notes: This story is a dreadful mash-up of Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, and Wicked (mostly the musical, but with a few elements of the novel as well.) Please be warned that I took great liberties with all my sources. However, it should be noted that James sings exact lyrics of “For Good” and “Popular,” and “Dancing Through Life.” (Lyrics by Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwarts.)
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